Israel's 70th. Anniversary: "Herritage of innovation".
    The lyric metaphore "sun in pockets" by: Shlomo Artzi. Music: "Talkshow", Wolf prize winner Laurie Anderson. Headline to: Roger Moore RIP.

make (iso free !!!)

  • Hi Dudes and Dude'ttes,
    This is the Linux potchan פותחן. The potchan OpenEdition is built for 'white' non-commercial USB 2 media. Taste it on your HDD\SSD with your active GRUB, then use added menu to make you one USB and cheer-up Buddies with copies. potchan is a development of two superb! Linux distributions: PCLinuxOS and Puppy Linux. Both enpowered by many finest other distro's & codings in several levels. All clashed together viciously to give you many many innocent-user bennefits: modularity, drinkabilityportability and less GURUs to feed, which gives you... independency. Nevertheless, on its other hat potchan is a developers' paradiso. YES, The potchan build is still in clashing development phase (who other not ?), but unlike others of 'do & tell' we've bothered 13 years now in the darkness to make sure nothing will happen to your PC \ MAC valuables (soon on  cell' phones) while trying it. Now we invite you too. Imagine, thirteen very long stormy years and  rapidly changing tech's, and yet - nobody else has done a similar thing in Linux. So, get on it ASAP!  No disk burning, NO Linux partitionning. NO harm to old PC habitats. If you're on Cell'phone, continue this from PC.
  • We believe in less explainings, so let's taste potchan OpenEdition on PC. 
  • Tasting the  potchan needs a valid 'alive' GRUB.
  • NO WARRANTY on OpenEdition

USB view: 'white' OpenEdition and 'blue' Edition 4U.

The below needs a PC with grub menu already-present as your active loader.
do not add grub especially for this purpose (maybe get help from some already-grubbed buddy).
all these taste instructions are for pcs only! if you diy usb potchan from menu it's for PCs and macs

  • "EVERYONE with 'live' GRUB ?" yep!
  • "No change of  partitions ?" yep!
  • "CAN it BE REMOVED easily ?" yep!

We will now tell the 'KUNZ' of the following taste: you download some zips and extract  to a location way we say, no improvise, then some added GRUB lines to your active present loader.  REBOOT.  Comm 'on, it's most stupidized on mother Earth .... next stage is using the added menu 1st. to enjoy it ! 2nd. to DIY a potchan OpenEdition on USB 2 , full featured to carry with you. Later you can even purchace a customized edition 4U at safe and ULTRA-secured as  you wish to ride on OE. A replacable 'Cassette'  on the fly keeps your potchan up-to-date from time to time. A simple-to-stupid backup\restore method will help keeping valuables dated & stored elsewhere.

  • In  your  PC, please search about 10G free diskspace (normally d:\) and download these zips to PC:  &

Only FOUR (4) steps ahead ...

1.    Take  & extract.  Put[OE] folder to root  d:\  (or
other chosen partition with ~10G free).

(Figures ignore other and non- affected folders on d:\).
- now, Delete

   Extract  and put  the
         Cassette folder right INSIDE[OE].

(Figures ignore other and non- affected folders on d:\).

          - then, delete

3.    Find Yours-TOGO!.zip inside the[OE]  folder & extract
         Yours-TOGO!  folder to partition
         root level as[OE].

(Figures ignore other and non- affected folders on d:\).

   Now, copy & ADD these lines to
         your GRUB (UEFI \ Legacy CSM) -

(normally to 'grub.cfg', remember correct LABELNAME)
# UEFI script
# ------------

search --no-floppy --set=root --label LABELNAME<---(MANDATORY)
menuentry " Open[OE] on any PC or MAC machine"{
linux /[OE]/Cassette/Don_Quixote/PCLinuxOS-4potchan-TribridK/vmlinuz-64LTS BOOT_IMAGE=single nonfb livecd=/[OE]/Cassette/Don_Quixote/PCLinuxOS-4potchan-TribridK root=/ acpi=on fstab=rw,noauto vga=791 load_video splash=verbose vmalloc=256M
initrd /[OE]/Cassette/Don_Quixote/PCLinuxOS-4potchan-TribridK/initrd-64LTS.gz
menuentry " CheerUP SB: DIY OpenEdition on new EMPTIED USB (8-16G.)"{
search --fs /[OE]/DIYOE/initrdT.gz
linux /[OE]/DIYOE/vmlinuzT pmedia=atahd,usbhd,usbflash,cd,floppy psubdir=/[OE]/DIYOE pmedia=cd pfix=fsck
initrd /[OE]/DIYOE/initrdT.gz

(normally to 'menu.lst', remember numbering it right)
# GRUB Legacy (CSM) script
# -------------------------

# After next stage see what partition number you use for it, and change the (hd0,0)
# for example: if files on 3rd. partition (for its free place), change all to (hd0,2),

# NO mistake, one number backward in Legacy, "#" on line start marks it "inactive".

title [PCLinuxOS] potchan OE on HDD|SSD - (64 bit LTS)
kernel (hd0,0)/[OE]/Cassette/Don_Quixote/PCLinuxOS-4potchan-TribridK/vmlinuz-64LTS BOOT_IMAGE=single nonfb livecd=/[OE]/Cassette/Don_Quixote/PCLinuxOS-4potchan-TribridK root=/ fromhd noiswmd acpi=on fstab=rw,noauto vga=791 splash=verbose vmalloc=256M
initrd (hd0,0)/[OE]/Cassette/Don_Quixote/PCLinuxOS-4potchan-TribridK/initrd-64LTS.gz

title [PuppyLinux] DIY a portable potchan OpenEdition and/or cheerUP SB U love
find --set-root /[OE]/DIYOE/initrdT.gz
kernel (hd0,0)/[OE]/DIYOE/vmlinuzT psubdir=/[OE]/DIYOE pmedia=cd pfix=fsck
initrd (hd0,0)/[OE]/DIYOE/initrdT.gz

- then, just reboot to
  grub menu & enjoy.
  • front desk

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  • sense show !
  • or.. - it mostly speaks for itself
  • Before leaving the house I make for new Dudes some USB 2 OE potchans with GRUB. It takes me around ~ 15 min' a piece (most is copying).
  • potchan OpenEdition 'white' media USB 2. The  customized Edition 4U rides on it.

Nice ! please hold a sec' for a quiz ...

  • Which file systems will NOT hold the potchan files ?  & why ??
  • If you put  potchan  OE on many partitions, will it mount ? where ??

How SB can make anything with such 'BALAGAN' ?
(just Timmo's laptop, and still working ...)

BEST boot on USB 2 : the 'NEVER-TOUCH' partition #4. The USB 2 needed for the CSM Legacy BIOS boot which is better and variable than UEFI.
Do you know about Your-LAB USB addon ?

- and did you know OpenEdition seeds itself
   (of-course without your valuables)  ?

some, awesome

After taste and some more, it's developers' showtime.

Once upon 0 5, Timmo (me) had a CRASHHH! on Linux at sight. Without thought  a BIG POMPOSED decleration snatched Tel Aviv air: "Ahah !, it's splendid, but I can do it much better". Well, I hope it's now (mostly) done.
Tel-Aviv - Yaffo, image origin:
Well, I wanted 'my one' Linux to be drinkable, yet in higher quality and break-even.  Ah, ... and I wanted to have the choice between velocity (HDD|SDD) and  portability in a blink of an eye. Ah, and I wanted more... also a  stupid backup\restore,  and an update method hmm... like changing a cassette (??) as in my youth days. Watta' LOCO  thing from a 'Linux ape' to wish for ... after all, Linux was a shrine  with know-how cult of never-peeing Gods and Godesses placed on some galaxy, all even pack Linuxes on a very 'missionary' practice, so who am I to make noise ? but little by little potchan became stronger than me.
  • @@@

  • Always knowing system state, no matter which HW U R.

  • About a decade and half later and some "WOW!" events to chase (techs' as personals): here you can download zips & files 'stupidly' from this tiny websites, friend's IP(!), or  torrent, to HDD|SSD or flash. You make a SE*PA*RA*TE booter on USB 2. NO irreversible changes occure to your machines, NO service collisions with others & their services, n' HOWTO of it takes this simple page here at website, which is a simple listlike practical page, basically. What we try to say: minimal 'GURU stuff' - max' efficiency and much independency.  
  • One of detailed menus of potchan OpenEdition USB 2.

  • How, for instance, honourable scientists would react if SB breaks d' line  and shows they're all look at one direction. Ask Prof. Dan Shechtman and the "case closed" material science.
  • potchan USB prefers Legacy CSM boot over UEFI.

The summary of just said ... it sounds too simple to be real, however, it's actually simpler now to handle Linux, apes as genious ones.  Perhaps some innocents in-beteween will like it too. And maybe ...  you join the team on some casual basis or a more addictive falling, and b part (soon).
  •  The development is tested on a limpy machine.

  • front desk

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  • b part

  • Will you take part with us ?

  • T's Involvement level expectation (right now)
    During use and\or overnight - leave qBittorrent to seed[OE]


    T1 Using P2P SW (Jitsi or else) to send your newer (?) 'Cassette' zipped file.

     T2 Copy & send torrent files to friends. It's another safe way.


    T3 Tell friends your IP right now and they can get  a share.  DANGEROUS!

     T4 Give feedbacks on[OE] at routs below,

    T5 Donate project, d'load VIA, min' $5,

    T6BUY ready[OE] for cost and shipment,

    Be active in a pioneering developing community,

    Order Edition4U-USB (from Nov' 2017) for tiny fee,

    Be a distributor of Edition4U-USB to all around
          (participate on building the business model ?),


    Open YOUR business department for potchan builds,

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