Is tasting Linux potchan REALLY COOL or
    U R dreaming ? NO ISO no partitionning !
U Download some ZIPs and copy\paste GRUB lines.

      Taste Linux potchan OpenEdition on PC (GRUB aboard):

      Tasting is for Dudes & Dude'ttes with Linux, 'live' GRUBs.
      0. Find ~10G. free place on a partition, FAT32\NTFS too.
      1. Download and put[OE]
          on root of partition. Delete zip.

      2. Download, put (replacable!..) Cassette
          INSIDE[OE]. Delete zip.

      3. Extract tiny zip inside[OE] and put
         Yours-TOGO! on root level as[OE].

      4. Copy\ADD lines ('MAKE', left) to GRUB, REBOOT.
          - Enjoy, and use GRUB also to make OE on USB2
            (USB2 supports also Legacy CSM BIOS, better).

          - If you have some other expectations try both ...
            Contact, or get 'blue' add-on at

  - WHATT'A LINUX IS THIS ? potchan*
      * "opener", pronounced: pot'han.
Welcome to Linux potchan Nerds' website. Here Linuxians will find MODULARITY * DRINKABILITY * PORTABILITY and GURU-less Nirvana. Sane ones please GOTO store (Sept' 18). Shalom to all of you people of a wishful world with the sun in your pockets. This is the Linux potchan (=opener) OpenEdition non-commercial HIGHLY-SIMPLIFIED website. Linux potchan is a real outrageous scrumble of two great good-hearted Linux distributions: PCLinuxOS founded by Textar from Texas USA and Puppy Linux founded by Barry Kauler, Swan View Australia. However they may not identify clearly their 'bastard kid' from Tel-Aviv Israel after our 'treatment'. We target this Linux potchan Nerds' page for YOU the Linux brave community worldwide. We - the potchan team - will demonstrate now crystal-clear how simple your Linux re-location happens... but WHY bother while science seems almost 'closed' ?? maybe because after more than quarter of a century since the 1st. famous Linus kernel, we Linuxians should think over.. Summarizing this, we're asking a simple-yet-disturbing question: how comes this outstanding innovative Linux is NOT the leading obvious way of tech' for Humanity, yet ? - Of course we can blame everybody out.. like, The BIIHHGGG money not by our side * the lazy ignorant crowds who refuse to fall in LOOOVVVE with ISOs and partitionnings (spoiler: NEVER!) ... * ... or, perhaps another Zionist plot (- always suitable)... However, deep in our graceful hearts, we know it's.. us. Fractioned to pieces to half-baked forks, stuck in our own loops, packing in same missionary practice... napping on ISOs when it's rare to find burners on factory exits nearly a decade now.. and so on .. .. So enough now, rise and shine ! Linux potchan SMASHES the glass ceiling over Linux. It's very nice we have ALL what others have and much more, but WHO KNOWS IT except some fanatics while it's getting harder to match Linux to sane people ? Now with Linux potchan there's more accessibility to more innocent crowds, also to HW manufacturers who can now give a risk-free new Linux experience as the Linux potchan vision seeks (and gives): MODULARITY * DRINKABILITY * PORTABILITY and GURU-less independant self-handling !!! MODULARITY: replacing parts LEGOlike and Cassette folder as replacement for stupid upgrade on the fly * DRINKABILITY: no ISOs NO partitionnings on HDD or SSD, intuitive handling and back doors for various usages * PORTABILITY on USB, no DATA should be stucked inside money on wings.. and also the capabilities of offline working since most softs U use are on ground ... * GRURless handling, less know-how people to feed. Huh, famine labour starving ? not really, because future gives opportunities to real people even in automated environment. Every research needs talents and so is a commercial edition rides on it. ... even robots like maintennance with good softs. So Linux potchan opens new horizons. Some people here are REALLY experienced in solving BAAAAD things to know things SHOULD be - as long as SB listens - and to influence in bettering it. So, me and team, hope you as your Buddies will enjoy Linux potchan OpenEdition, and help us taking it higher !!! ... meantime: relax, taste, enjoy, make a USB of your own, give copies to Buddies, cellebrate the change, make useful comments, donate, be a part of the research, open YOUR webstore for customers' special demands and flavors (ours opens approx' Sep' 2018) . Yours, LOOOVVVE and kisses XOXOXOXO, Timmo.