N O T   I S O   T O   D O   P A G E

Linux potchan* Get Share & Scan

   * potchan (pot-c-han) = opener פותחן.

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1. ISO burn still a ‘must have’ to U ? ?

    So how you skip over ISO to THIS …
the 'white' one
    A glimpse of potchan OpenEdition:

This website tries to be 100% responsive. You can scan and read all here on other devices than your desktop. However, potchan is a solution just  for desktop, so any download from other than desktop  is disabled.

2. A “desktop game change”, why ?

  • potchan Best suited for PCs & Macs
  • … on new & old 20yrs. 64 & 32 bit
  • NO to HDD\SSDs (except 4 taste it)
  • NO “partitionning” “install” “configure”
  • Modular & flexible build to handle
  • Practice suits most Distro’s
  • Drinkably simple to move files
  • Safer portability practice
  • Linux in-house research & solutions
  • Support, to free and commercial
  • GURUless care & groups
  • Replace “Cassette” to update
  • UEFI or Legacy boot to choose
  • Personal laboratory on demand

3.  Newer “Cassette” replacement

4.  A day at the office

5.  Who needs internal disk, not me

Hey Dudes, see above: this is my GParted image of potchan OpenEdition ‘white’ USB on my desktop machine: /dev/sda (- usually your internal disk).

That’s right ! NO hardisk or SSD inside my PC.

 Please note that despite outdated roomers, flash disks now better, faster, stronger, surviving falloffs, and easy to backup daily.

Best of all:  ISO is not a must for D.I.Y of potchan. In fact we declare ISO IS DEAD as to the innocent user … so the main (- most intimidating) obstacle so far to mass towards Linux is now  H I S T O R Y  !

Second main barrier used to be  was the reasonable fear of touching the inside of machines (for if crashes or outsourced service cancelled). That’s why potchan is fully out from ‘kishkes’, by using best external USB flash tech out there.

6.  Most infantile ‘taste it’ practice

        Every respectable Linux professor will ban this …

Easy taste: download some zips to root of partition (non system POLITICALLY better), min’ needed 10GiB. free, already active GRUB if U R real Linuxian. Sure can be put on Ms’ systems FAT32 or NTFS …


So we simply xtract zips to folders on a partition top THEN and add some GRUB lines to existing GRUB you already have on machine. NUU .. goto your desktop machine (if not yet) and following enabled.


Some areas as follows are not accessed to mobiles or tablets because contain downloads to desktops.

Now – taste it. Only experienced have existing active GRUB, so all we do is following links’ order: Taste it !  will look like this on “\”(separated alpahabetically).

$24.99 + TAX if..  + shipment for potchan OpenEdition + lab + 2 years membership  (disk looks may vary)

Discounts are limited ! (45 min’ each)

7.  HOWTO get involved in project

Share point

  • Taste potchan OpenEdition
  • Use GRUB line there to make OE USB
  • Make them as gifts – UNLIMITED !
  • Share this website with Buddies
  • Join our warm & hugging cave
  • Ask about the stores
  • Register or lecture a course
  • Drop some codes here
  • Donate our research and website
  • Open areal store to supply solutions

8.  Summary

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