Turn Your Old Computer To Like New Again – Blazing Fast

Potchan OpenEdition is a tiny, powerful flash drive that plugs into your computer’s USB port. Within seconds, it bypasses your old, slow, operating system (Windows or Mac) and replaces it with a fully functional Linux operating system that’s blazing fast and easy-to-use!

Over 500,000 Customers potchan OpenEdition!

Saves Money – Don’t spend HUNDREDS on a new computer!
Works on any Mac or PC – If your computer has a USB drive, you can use Xtra-PC®!
Easy to use and works in minutes – Just plug it in, no technical skills required!
Includes all your favorite programs – Web browsing, email, docs & spreadsheets, music, video players, and more!
Keeps ALL your existing files – Xtra-PC® does not touch or modify your existing files in any way!
Broken or missing hard drive? No problem! If your hard drive is missing or corrupted you can now use your computer like normal!

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People Are Amazed & Raving About Potchan OpenEdition!

Stephanie S.

“Your product saved me hundreds!”

My daughter wanted a computer for herself. But I wasn’t about to spend $500 on a new one. I had an old Toshiba I hadn’t used in years, so I figured I’d give Xtra-PC a try. WOW – AMAZING!!! My old, slow Toshiba performs great again – it’s perfect for her. Your product saved me hundreds!

“I wish I thought of this myself!”

Being a tech-junky myself, I know all about Linux and could’ve spent time and money doing this myself. But for the price (don’t know how you do it), you guys have put together a truly remarkable product that makes doing it myself a waste of time (and seem downright foolish).

Charlie D.

Earl M.

“Your Xtra-PC Pro is easily one of the best value buys I’ve ever made.”

My computer crashed years ago and I never got around to doing anything about it because a certain ‘Geek Group’ wanted to charge me over $500 to recover everything. And for less than $90, not only did I recover all my important files, photos, videos, & music, but I also basically got a new computer. I’ve told everyone I know about Xtra-PC!

The Faster The Potchan OpenEdition, The Faster Your Computer!

Free Zone

32GB of Storage
1.5x the Speed of Turbo 16 – Blazing Fast!


Retail £68.76 (Save £43.76)

Get 35% off each additional Xtra-PC®!

Your Zone

32GB of Storage
1.5x the Speed of Turbo 16 – Blazing Fast!


Retail £68.76 (Save £43.76)

Get 35% off each additional Xtra-PC®!

Team Zone

32GB of Storage
1.5x the Speed of Turbo 16 – Blazing Fast!


Retail £68.76 (Save £43.76)

Get 35% off each additional Xtra-PC®!

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Have a Question? See Our FAQs

Yes! Xtra-PC® uses Linux, which is known in the tech community to be rock-solid, considerably faster, and much less vulnerable to viruses than Windows.

Using Linux lets you squeeze extra performance out of older processors (which is why Linux is a big part of Xtra-PC®’s “secret sauce.”) But unless you’re a pretty hard-core, tech-savvy person with free time to burn, implementing Linux yourself will probably end up being way more than you bargained for.

Instead, Xtra-PC® has done all the heavy lifting by not only making Linux easily accessible but very user friendly. Plus, it comes out of the box with all the programs you need like browsing the internet, using email, docs and spreadsheets, watching movies, listening to music and more.

Yes. We have, however, seen that Macs before 2011 might not boot to USB. If you want to use Xtra-PC® on a Mac, follow the instructions provided for your Mac to boot to USB.

No. Xtra-PC® runs from the USB and does not touch or modify the existing files in any way.

Yes! Xtra-PC® runs from the USB drive, so your computer doesn’t even need a hard drive to work like new using Xtra-PC®.

No. Photos, music, DVDs, document creation and editing can all be done without an internet connection. However, an internet connection is required for the initial set-up.

Yes. Xtra-PC® runs from the USB drive, so it can be used with computers that have viruses, or even those that are missing a hard drive.

Yes, we designed Xtra-PC® to allow users to easily add programs of your choosing.

Xtra-PC® can run on a wide variety of desktop, netbook, and laptop computers that are twelve years or newer.

We have done extensive testing of USB memory devices and have selected the ones we use to optimize performance. Your performance will vary depending on your configuration of memory, processor, video card, bus speed, etc. Sometimes the USB might seem slower than running from a hard drive, particularly in intensive disk type operations. But other times after items have been “cached” into memory, you will see better performance.

All products are backed by our 60 Day Money Back Guarantee, starting on the day of shipping.

Depending on your country, it is possible that you will be charged one or more of these fees when you receive your order.

There are two very simple ways to boot your PC to Xtra-PC®:

1. Use the boot key to start Xtra-PC®: Turn off your PC. Insert the Xtra-PC® stick into a USB slot. Turn your PC on and hold the boot key on your PC for 1-2 seconds (most manufacturers use F12, F11, F10, F9, F1 or ESC). When the boot menu is displayed select USB HDD (or something similar).

2. Set your PC to boot to USB: Turn off your PC. Turn your PC on and hold the setup key on your PC (most manufacturers use F1, F2, ESC, F9, F10. It’s usually displayed on your screen when the screen first starts.). When the setup menu is displayed, look for the boot menu. Change the boot priority to select boot from USB as the number one priority. Save your changes. Now when you restart your PC it will automatically look for Xtra-PC®. This will not affect your Windows if Xtra-PC® is not in a USB slot. In addition, we provide simple, easy instructions in the user guide or the Xtra-PC® Support Knowledge Base that will take you through the process.

We ship orders out FAST, but we can’t control carrier transit times. Due to COVID-19, orders are taking up to 10-20 days to be delivered depending on the country.